training services

Allegheny Surveys offers flexible training solutions that are designed to fit your organization, meet your corporate guidelines, and stay within budget.

Brian Hamm, CAD Development Coordinator

Brian Hamm, CAD Development Coordinator / Carlson Trainer

Carlson Certified Training Partner

Carlson College Training Surveyor, Civil, Geology, Underground Mining, & Surface Mining Modules

For more information on Carlson training contact Brian Hamm at or call 304-756-2949.

Whether required by OSHA, part of your company policy, or you simply want a safer workplace, Allegheny Surveys offers OSHA-compliant training from the American Red Cross, as well as the State of West Virginia Office of Miners’ Health, Safety & Training Class 34 EMT-M.

Danny O'Brien

Danny O’Brien, Human Resource & Safety Manager

For more information on First Aid, CPR, or AED training, contact Danny O’Brien at or call 304-649-8606.