natural resource surveys & mapping

Allegheny Surveys has maintained a strong presence in the natural resource arena since its founding in 1988 and provides all surveying services relevant to oil, gas and coal production throughout the region. ASI’s senior party chiefs and managers have high levels of experience in providing natural resources industries with their production needs.

Shallow Well Surveys

ASI has prepared shallow gas well permits since 1996, utilizing the latest in mapping-grade GNSS technology to efficiently locate the proposed well, relevant boundary evidence and offset wells.

Horizontal Well Surveys

Since 2008, ASI has prepared plats and permit documents for horizontal gas wells. ASI also performs surveys associated with Marcellus Shale wells including topographic surveys and construction layout for proposed compressor stations, gathering pipeline pre-construction and asbuilt surveys, and drill and frac pad topographic surveys for grading concepts.

Pipeline Surveys

Since 2004, ASI has utilized pipeline locators and GNSS mapping-grade technology to locate and survey transmission and feeder pipelines. Location data is processed into formats for clients to import the pipeline locations into their respective Geographic Information Systems.

ASI also performs pre-construction and asbuilt pipeline surveys for their clients.

Underground Surveys

Since its beginning in 1988, ASI has provided surveying services to major coal operations, including daily production surveys, control surveys, underground construction layout, slope and shaft development and the preparation of mine maps for submittal to state and federal agencies. ASI has the capacity to field multiple survey crews and has expanded its service across the Appalachian Coal Fields.

Surface Mining Surveys

Since the early 1990’s, Allegheny Surveys has provided various surveys relevant to the production of coal at several surface mining operations around the state. From stockpile surveys to pit locations to cast-blasting analysis, core-hole locations and crop-line surveys, ASI has extensive experience in assisting surface mines to meet their various production needs.