real estate surveys

Allegheny Surveys works closely with timber management firms, lumber companies, realtors, corporate land owners, law firms and private landowners to meet their property location needs.

Boundary Surveys

ASI has arguably retraced, monumented, marked and painted more miles of boundary than any other firm in the state. Clients include Pardee and Curtin Realty, Coastal Lumber Company, The Jim C. Hamer Company, The Forestland Group, Southern Land Company and Dickinson Properties, and Columbia Forest Products. In addition, ASI also performs rural boundary surveys for private landowners.

Subdivision Surveys

Allegheny Surveys has performed surveys to subdivide property that range from the partition of an acre or two to the subdivision of 2,500 acres in 55 separate parcels along the New River Gorge. These types of surveys are often performed in conjunction with large rural boundary surveys that require divisions based upon heirship interests.

City Lot Surveys

Allegheny Surveys has located and monumented the boundaries of city lots from the streets of downtown Charleston and the riverfront subdivisions of Kanawha City to the rural mountain cities of Webster Springs and Clay, and from the sprawling developments of Beckley to the old subdivision lots of Grafton, clear to the ski slopes of the Canaan Valley.

ALTA-NSPS Land Title Surveys

ALTA-NSPS survey standards provide a base for all parties – owner, attorney, developer, engineer, lender & title insurance company. They are used for design, as-built & construction loans. ASI provides the necessary high-level investigation & detail; personnel are proficient in records research & investigation, recovery of evidence, efficient utility location techniques & feature location necessary for ALTA/NSPS surveys.

Photogrammetric Surveys

Allegheny Surveys performs ground control surveys to aid photogrammetrists in the preparation of topographic mapping.

Since 1995, the firm has performed numerous photogrammetric surveys using static GPS observations of target panels and photo-ID points. These surveys have been performed all over the state of West Virginia and beyond.