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Mohawk Dam Mohawk Dam Mohawk Dam Mohawk Dam

Mohawk Dam

This project consisted of performing a 110 acre site survey for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers of the Mohawk Dam located along Route 715 on the Walhonding River in Coshocton County, Ohio. The project area included a large land dam (2,500 feet in length), concrete inlet and outlet structures, an 18 acre spillway, campground site, house, and storage buildings. The entire site was located by using a Leica C10 ScanStation 3D Laser Scanner. Almost 90 million points were collected during the survey.

75 Control Monuments were used to register the scan data, and 65 setups were needed to scan the entire 110 acre site. The field work began on February 27, 2013, and the project was delivered on March 19th. From start to finish, this project was awarded, surveyed, processed, mapped, and delivered in a total time frame of one month. To do this was quite an accomplishment, and is a testimony to how state-of-the-art technology and hard work can achieve results that are appreciated by our client.

John Chance Land Surveys base station observers

the john chance project

In September of 2008, Allegheny Surveys Inc. began the performance of a LiDAR imaging project with John Chance Land Surveys of Lafayette, LA that has taken several of our employees throughout the eastern half of the United States. We are providing John Chance with recon teams and base station observers to collect GPS data for its helicopter based LiDAR imaging of thousands of miles of railroad right-of-way for one of the nations foremost rail companies. The opportunity to work with John Chance has been a real privilege, and the project itself is a shining example of how advances in surveying and mapping technologies have created more opportunities that few of us could have dreamed of 20 years ago.

Beech Ridge Wind Farm

Beech Ridge Wind Farm

The location by survey of a 27,000 acre lease area that included the delineation of 27 miles of interior and exterior conventionally surveyed boundary lines as well as the survey of a 15 mile long power line easement. This easement was 100' in width and required the defining and certification of all boundaries that the power line crossed. It also required the staking of all powerline deflections (PI’s) and the flagging of clearing limits. Both the Lease survey and the transmission line easement survey were performed as ALTA-ACSM land title surveys. This meant that the entire survey had to be performed to rigid positional tolerances and required the location of numerous features encountered during the survey.

A GPS network of 32 control points were placed along the perimeter of the lease and along the power line easement. This network was tied to the National Geodetic Survey’s High Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) using four dual-frequency survey-grade GPS receivers.

The field work commenced on this project in December of 2006, was idled from mid-January until mid-March because of heavy snow throughout the project site, and was field-completed in early May. Two crews worked on the project for a total of three months. The ALTA plats were submitted to the client and the title insurance company for review at the end of May, and were finalized and formally submitted in July of 2007.