allegheny surveys staff

Brian Hamm
CAD Development Coordinator
Carlson Trainer

Brian has been using CAD and Carlson Software for the past 19 years. Since the summer of 1996, he served on active duty in the United States Air Force, and worked in the coal industry, surveying both surface and underground mining, and preparing the mapping in West Virginia at the operations level before moving up to the corporate level. At the corporate level, he prepared geological models and reserve estimations for SEC and JORC filings. From there, Brian was hired by Carlson Software to participate within their mining division performing training and technical support. Due to cutbacks related to the mining industry, Brian then found a home at Allegheny Surveys, where he continues to develop company standards, work towards process improvements and as an authorized Carlson College Trainer, added to the company’s services with Carlson Office software training.